Teamstand Architecture

Bank-level security with best-in-class flexbility

Powerful and seamless implementation

Teamstand combines tier-one security and data architecture with the flexiblity and scalability of a tech startup. Quickly integrate with your cloud security and services while empowering your organization to scale faster.


Everything on Teamstand is encrypted, stored, extensively audited and controlled to protect your data.



Fault tolerant architecture and infrastructure  ensures a smooth and fast experience for all our users.



Data practices and procedures are designed to ensure stability and speed as Teamstand usage grows.

A platform that helps you scale

Teamstand combines a best-in-class core platform that integrates seamless with any system. Efficient architecture ensures security and speed required for scaling and automating the most complex tasks.

Availability and Scalability

Fast and reliable performance
available white

Highly Available

Teamstand systems are highly available due to fault tolerant architectures and infrastructure.Teamstand can scale based on usage, providing a smooth and fast user experience for all customers.

data recovery

Disaster Recovery

Teamstand data is redundantly stored at multiple locations to ensure availability in case of unforeseen circumstances. Extensive disaster recovery procedures and regular tests ensure no gaps.


Native features that integrate with and enhance your security

Data Encryption

Data is encrypted and stored with industry best practices as the top priority. Access to data is controlled and audited in detail to ensure user data is always protected.


Secure Infrastructure

Teamstand is hosted on AWS with state-of-the-art infrastructure security certifications. Multiple additional network and host protections form a defense-in-depth approach so no unwarranted access to your data is possible.

security first

Security-first Development

Security is a core feature built into every product and every integration. All features pass extensive security reviews and undergo automated techniques to ensure vulnerabilities are always address any application and library code.

Discover why leading tech teams use Teamstand

Let us show you how Teamstand can streamline your organization and address every security and architecture need.

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