Who We Are

We're passionate about elevating work life without introducing yet another app

Teamstand’s mission is to unify documents, data, and discussions. We believe that building something truly amazing requires tremendous focus, patience, and perseverance. Today, we are starting with documents in your inbox.

Our Supporters

We’re backed by The D. E. Shaw Group, a global investment, and technology development firm. They fuel our growth so we can continue to focus on our vision: bringing structure to a world of unstructured communications.

Values we live by

Guiding principles that unite and drive us

Fueled by passion

We work super hard, not because we have to, but because we want to. When our passion runs low, we resist the temptation to stay quiet and/or do the minimum required; rather, we productively talk to our managers and leaders about how to re-align and refuel!

Start with the person in the mirror

Extreme ownership is taking responsibility not only for our own tasks and teams but also for the success of others. We follow the 90/10 rule: we avoid blaming others, and we do whatever is necessary for the Company, and everyone in it, to win.

Always developing our own best versions

Constant self-improvement means progress over perfection. We track our bugs and features so we can keep developing the best versions of ourselves. We love direct feedback because it accelerates our growth, and we embrace our discomfort zones to grow our comfort zones.

Marshot mindset

We’ve chosen big, hard problems to solve, and we’re on a mission to radically transform how people make decisions. Our path to success will be tough, with risk and uncertainty playing recurring roles. Likewise, the reward upon landing will be boundless.

Positive disagreement is key to alignment

We leverage our unique backgrounds by sharing our individual perspectives. We don’t do things because “that’s how it’s always been done” or because “I was told to.” “I don’t know if I should say this” is the only thing we shouldn’t say! Disagree until you can commit.

Great tech is like magic

To build a great company, we must continually WOW our users. Our tech is as much about the 1s and 0s as it is about delivering seamless experiences. Like magicians, we are in business to surprise and delight our customers, keeping them wanting more. Keep complex things simple.

Do what’s right, especially when it’s hard

Sometimes doing the right thing might feel wrong (e.g., saying no to a feature request, disagreeing with a manager, or not making a sale to a prospect who isn’t the best fit). It can also require finesse and force, supporting our customers, colleagues and selves when others may not.

Be scrappy and diligent

We embrace risks and obstacles to find the simplest and most direct answers. We exercise agility to stay ahead of not only our competitors but who we were yesterday. We care deeply about our work and rarely settle for just okay because satisfactory doesn’t satisfy us.

Our Team

Meet the brilliant minds driving our vision forward.

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Join a team that is laser-focused on helping professionals and businesses who struggle with attachment issues (we're talking about documents!), lost communication across too many mediums, and endless switching between apps to find and enter data. Apply now and help us make our dream a reality.