Teamstand Platform

Start small and scale, collaborate your way, and automate complex tasks.

Orchestration Software for Enterprise

Teamstand is a modern orchestration and collaboration platform - meaning your systems, communications, and processes are seamlessly managed in one place. Teamstand brings discussions and data together, making processes more efficient and transparent.


Coordinate workflows across every team and data source

Workflow management
API integrations


Use AI- and ML-driven modules to drive efficiency

AI automations
Dynamic search


Create and manage knowledge bases, technical documentation, and internal guides

Internal/external wikis
Document solutions


Drive productivity across your team with custom apps

Project management
Checklists and reminders


Collect and assess data from countless sources

Advanced reporting
Audit trails


Communicate across channels and surface conversations quickly

Discussion management
NLP and topic surfacing

Transform processes

Convert structured and unstructured workflows into digital solutions. Teamstand handles all of the supporting processes and technical complexities.


Integrate your apps

Integration Apps bring data in and out of Teamstand from other systems and the web. Teamstand can manage countless API integrations across third-party tools and internal feeds that are critical to your business.


Automate workflows

Create powerful automations that enhance your existing workflows. Deploy tools to increase data enrichment and create rules and standards that move processes seamlessly and without errors.


Search smarter

Teamstand search allows users to quickly find tickets based on existing search parameters. Teamstand even supports searching for words within documents and attachments.


Improve onboarding speed

Internal and external wiki tools enable iterative learning without extensive onboarding. Create knowledge bases, process instructions, or any other content your team needs.


Organize documents

Complex native file management systems help collect, organize, and structure internal and external documents. Gather documents from multiple platforms and use Teamstand as your single source of truth.


Manage your way

Extensive project management views and methodologies help you manage each project and team with the best approach. Stop using multiple software services for project management and consolidate with Teamstand.


Remind your team

Powerful checklists and reminder tools built into Teamstand ensure manual processes continue to happen on time and at high standards. User-level editing allows your team to work their way while maintaining operational excellence.


Analyze performance

Analytics Apps run powerful data analysis, improving quality of decisions and fostering process optimization. Advanced metrics and reporting on workflows and operations helps you track processes that previously were opaque. Machine learning capabilities unlock additional features like sentiment tracking.


Audit everything

Teamstand generates audit trails for every behavior. Ensure that every process is within best practices for compliance and meets every service agreement you set for your team.


Centralize communications

Communication apps bring together all relevant conversations into a case. Your team can use existing tools while Teamstand organizes everything. Data Enrichment Apps allow teams to work more efficiently by effortlessly adding context to existing communications.


Surface the right discussion

Powerful NLP tools coupled with intuitive UI ensures that every topic of conversation across any channel is easy to find and quick to reference. Never lose a relevant conversation again.