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Stop wasting time looking for your files, once and for all. Discover the best digital filing system for your email attachments, traditional files, and cloud documents.

Simple steps



Visit the Google Chrome Store to begin the free installation. Connect your email to the extension once.

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From your Gmail inbox, click the “Login to Teamstand” button. Control how the software automatically organizes your past, present, and future files.

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Find Anything

Activate using your Gmail account. You’re ready to go! Find any document from your email in seconds.

Who Needs Teamstand

Teamstand brings everything – traditional files, cloud content, and web shortcuts – together in one place.

Sales Teams

Speed up your deals. From basic proposals to contracts and quotes, coordinate and accelerate how your team works with customers and leave more time for what matters to you most. This is file management at its best.

Marketing Teams

Less reinventing the wheel. Find frequently used work in seconds when you want to reuse them for new projects, shortening delivery time.

Finance Teams

Save time and beat deadlines. Retrieve vendor records quickly and see transparent, time stamped document trails for every transaction. Discover how Teamstand can optimize your company’s payment activity.

Real Estate Professionals

Transaction management at its simplest. Collect, organize, and securely store all your most important documents in one place, instead of carrying physical files that can get ruined or lost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Teamstand use my data?
  • Email messages. Teamstand may store email metadata, such as dates & timestamps, etc. This data is used for keyword search, image references, quality control, and to identify links to files residing in external sources, like Google Drive.
  • Email attachments. Teamstand may also store attachment metadata, such as sender, size, dates & timestamps, etc. This data is used to help you search and query files, and it provides you access to these attachments in the chrome extension.
  • Links to documents stored on a cloud service (such as Google Drive). These links are used to give you the ability to navigate to external document sources from the Teamstand extension.
  • Information about your Google Drive files. This information and metadata such as owner, title, last modified date, etc. is used to help you search and locate files from Google Drive in the Teamstand extension.
  • People’s names and email addresses in each email thread. This data is used to tag, organize, search, and query files.
Where does Teamstand store my data? Is it secure?
  • Teamstand uses an enterprise-grade AWS (US-EAST-1) environment to store user data.
  • User data does not leave a dedicated environment, and the access is restricted by firewalls & access control systems.
  • Attachments and links that Teamstand processes are scanned for threats.
Will Teamstand sell or share my data with any third party?

Teamstand will not sell your data or share it with any third party.


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Teamstand is your ultimate digital filing cabinet. We automatically organize files shared with clients via email, making it easy to find them later.

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