Teamstand for Scaling Businesses

Bring together your team, systems, and data to support the challenges of scaling operations for rapid growing businesses.

Simplify and scale your integrations


Collect and structure your company's data across communication channels, systems, and files


Audit and track performance data using existing systems to identify improvement areas and opportunities for success


Automate key workflows to assign responsibilities and ensure tasks are completed efficiently and accurately

Features for every functional need

Data collection

Quickly collect important company data from existing systems

  • Lead forms
  • Files and documents
  • Staff tickets

Workflow Management

Initiate and streamline processes

  • Customer onboarding
  • Skills-based routing
  • Process documentation

Analytics and insights

Track key performance indicators and surface trends

  • New and existing data sources
  • Staff improvement opportunities
  • AI-identified trends

Data discoverability

Quickly collect important company data from existing systems

  • Cross-functional data
  • Sales and operations discussions
  • Historical and third-party sources


Manage staff and customer communications instantly

  • Customer chat and email
  • Discussion compliance and audits
  • Cross-functional discussions


Send and receive data from the tools your team uses and loves

  • CRMs and lead capture
  • HR and ERP
  • Data enrichment