Teamstand for Mergers and Acquisitions Integration

Bring together new staff, systems, and workflows to quickly support the most complex integration processes. All without developers or expensive implementations.

Simplify and scale your integrations


Collect and structure acquisition company data into your existing systems quickly and easily.


Analyze and optimize performance data based on email, chat, and third-party systems to find and execute on improvement opportunities.


Automate key workflows and compliance requirements across all integration processes and counterparties.

Features for every functional need

Data collection

Quickly collect important company data from existing systems

  • Acquisition company data
  • Customer profiles
  • Partnership files and documents

Workflow Management

Streamline onboarding and best practices

  • Employee onboarding
  • SLA enforcement
  • SOP automation

Analytics and insights

Track key performance indicators and surface trends

  • New and existing data sources
  • Staff improvement opportunities
  • AI-identified trends

Data discoverability

Quickly collect important company data from existing systems

  • Parent and acquisition data search
  • Sales and operations discussions
  • Structured and unstructured data


Manage staff and customer communications instantly

  • Customer chat and email
  • Discussion compliance and audits
  • Cross-organization discussions


Send and receive data from the tools your team uses and loves

  • CRMs and ticketing systems
  • Data centralization
  • Data enrichment