Teamstand for Real Estate Lending

Digitize your underwriting without changing your processes. Seamlessly integrate borrower, staff, and third-party processes across your business.

Automate and your underwriting


Collect and structure data from your existing systems and applications through email, form, or API.


Collect documents, make edits, and manage exceptions all in one place.


Automate frequent workflows based on key business milestones.

Scale your lending operations with Teamstand

Data collection

Aggregate data from all your critical systems

  • Lead sources / CRM
  • Loan origination and pricing systems
  • File management and documents

Workflow Management

Streamline staff onboarding

  • Sales/ops knowledgebase
  • Loan case management
  • Checklist templates

Analytics and insights

Optimize performance

  • Pipeline tracking
  • Staff milestone management
  • AI-identified opportunities

Data discoverability

Aggregate data from all your critical systems

  • Files and forms
  • Email and chat history
  • External data sources and feeds


Collaborate better

  • Shared loan feedback
  • Exceptions management
  • Investment committee review


Connect applications

  • CRMs and ticketing systems
  • File management
  • Accounting and third parties