Speed up your deals

The typical day of an account executive is maxed out growing customer accounts. Teamstand simplifies every stage of the sales cycle by building or replicating your existing document process right in Teamstand, giving reps time back in their day to close more deals.

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Built for sales teams to stand out from the crowd

Replace time-consuming searching across multiple channels to help your team create, send, track and close the deal in no time.

Tailored followup in seconds

Intuitive document actions allows sales teams to streamline the process of sharing and sending proposals, quotes, contracts, and other sales documents.

A+ Preparation for Meetings

Documents exchanged with email contacts are automatically organized into curated collections of files so you can get up to speed quickly for your next meeting.

Manage contracts

Robust search allows you to use multiple file attributes to find any document you need so you can easily find and reuse past assets to create a new contract or proposal.

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