Even though productivity experts suggest we only check our email a few times a day, the reality is many of us keep track of emails on an ongoing basis at work, often leaving a browser tab open just for Gmail.

And we get it. We're not saying you're a workaholic fiendishly refreshing your screen in hope of a new message. That would be nuts. But you probably do find yourself in the same position as countless professionals, managing your day-to-day tasks using nothing but your email provider and maybe a task management platform like Asana or Slack. 

We know how frustrating that can be, though. At Teamstand, we think this can be done even better.

One of the benefits of Teamstand is that it’s an easy way to help your email and task management apps better communicate with each other. If you’re not already using Teamstand, though, there are a few things you can do to help stay organized.

  • Star urgent emails. Using the “Star” function in Gmail is an effective way to flag urgent and active tasks. Once a task has been completed, you can just unstar the email.
  • Group tasks by people or projects. Labeling emails based on the associated project, sender, or company is another way to organize Gmail around tasks. Because you can apply several labels to one email, you can assign one email to multiple tasks.
  • Give an assistant or coworker access to your Gmail. If you have an assistant or trusted colleague, you can let them read, reply to, Star, and label various emails. Obviously you need to be able to fully trust the person and they should understand exactly how to coordinate your email and task management.

In addition to Gmail, Google Workspace stores all of the valuable information you need to get your job done, but accessing that critical information as part of your daily task management is often easier said than done. All too often, Google Workspace is filled with gigabytes of data, increasing the odds that critical documents will temporarily or permanently go missing. When this happens, it leads to unnecessary delays and lags in productivity, which can jam up task management apps. 

Teamstand is an organizational and productivity tool that can help you get the most out of the content already sitting in the cloud. Leveraging the power of automation, it intuitively offers up important files and digital assets, allowing you to be more productive and responsive.

Available as a Chrome extension, Teamstand makes your Google Workspace even more powerful, making you better able to work with both your email and preferred task management app.

Email Management Is Easier With Teamstand

Whether you are working on important projects or simply handling daily responsibilities, having all of your important files in one place is extremely helpful. Even if you offload files from your Gmail to a network or laptop folder, Gmail can still serve as a useful backup — a place to look when you can’t seem to find what you need.

In addition to enhancing Gmail as a file repository, Teamstand also provides an integrated platform that documents the activities of your entire team. When you are exchanging emails with others while working together on different projects, Teamstand helps to memorialize your interactions for later access.

For example, if one of your coworkers said they would send documents to certain vendors on a collaborative email thread, Teamstand can help you quickly find out if they did, avoiding duplicate emails to vendors and the sense that your team isn’t all on the same page. This saves you time and helps your teams work as organized units. Need to know what Dave was up to the week before he was out? Now that information is at your fingertips.

With Teamstand, you’re also better able to capture sensitive information on important tasks and deadlines. This helps to keep everyone on the same page in an all-digital, sustainable manner. When you and your team are carrying heavy workloads and dealing with a packed task management app, Teamstand can help them get through busy periods and come out the other side unscathed by keeping track of deadlines sent over email.

Teams have also become increasingly remote since the COVID-19 pandemic. The cloud and task management apps have allowed us to work across multiple continents and time zones. That added flexibility comes with bigger challenges related to communication, work-day alignment, the need for asynchronous communication, and day-to-day collaboration. With everything stored in Google Workspace, Teamstand users can stay organized and productive wherever they might be without any additional effort.

Taken together, Teamstand amplifies the utility of Google Workspace to help you avoid miscommunications and losing critical files while facilitating the rise of remote collaborations.

Save Time Every Week

If everyone knows that time equals money in business, then why do so many of us insist on sticking with frustrating processes and systems that don’t do what we want them to do? According to experts, the reasons we stick with unproductive habits are myriad, but most of us are simply afraid of change. And yes, change can be uncomfortable, but the benefits of greater productivity can far outweigh any temporary distress.

If you spend a lot of time staring at guidelines in your task management app or searching for files, you're wasting time that should be spent getting work done. Rather than spend time creating, managing, and organizing folders, simply install Teamstand and you’ll find all your attachments auto-organized by company and individual. Teamstand has a unified search for all your attachments in Google Workspace, and you’re able to work with those attachments without leaving your Chrome tab. 

In addition to helping you find valuable information, Teamstand can help you visualize all of your essential files, allowing you to see beyond the scope of an individual item in your task management app. This comes in handy when trying to manage complex tasks that involve many people working together with lots of files flying back and forth.

Download Teamstand to Make Your Email and Task Management Apps Work in Tandem  

Email and task management apps tend to live in different siloes. Teamstand helps to break down these barriers by bringing files to where you’re already working. If important files are at your fingertips, it's a lot easier to flow between email threads and the stuff you need to get done, right?

Teamstand uses your emails and your email attachment metadata — like timestamps and dates — to quickly locate files or information. Operations leaders, project teams, and sales teams can all benefit from Teamstand, helping them to be more productive, save time, and beat deadlines. Simply put, Teamstand is the ultimate digital filing finding cabinet for Google Workspace. 

Like the best productivity and organization apps, Teamstand is intuitive and simple. Want to see for yourself? Contact us today to get free access to Teamstand’s solution.